Work and Study - How the Pros Do It


Life is short they say and you need to make full use of it. Many students these days are of the same opinion. There is a need to experience the connect between academics and professional applications. Over a period of time, both of these interlinked processes have become separate and thus you see a growing disconnect between the two. You, as a student have only two choices - go with the flow or create a ripple. 

If you are not satisfied only with academics, it is perfectly alright to go ahead and experiment with your skills and thus try professional gigs. You don’t have to drop out of school/college to do that. You have plenty of time and energy to focus on important things and understand more about our world and how it works. So if you are a students who wants to work along with your schooling, here are a few tips that will guide you towards achieving harmony between the two and thus get you double the benefits.

1. Build your professional toolbox 

If you are venturing out for professional gigs, you need to pay attention to or invest in the right kind of tools for the job. For eg.

Research about the best tools for the job and pick the right ones up.

2. Setup your bank accounts

If you are going pro, it makes sense to handle your own finances. Do this by setting up your bank accounts and understanding how to operate them. Also, check out PayPal if you plan to draw income from abroad.

3. Work School Balance

Make sure that your work schedule and school schedule don’t interfere. I know it is easier said than done, but it is absolutely critical. You will have to be very motivated to do this. Go ahead and make a schedule and follow it religiously. Over time it will be a habit and you will get good at keeping this balance. Whatever it is, do not let either work or studies suffer because of your lack of organization and motivation.

4. Start reading up

Start reading about how business works, your field in particular and look for advice. The internet has tonnes of awesome places like Quora for eg. which is a great resource for you to find out all the answers that you might want.

5. Keep your CV updated

Your CV is important, especially when you are involved in work during your school/college time. Keep it updated all the time with your latest projects, happenings and milestones. Make it available to anyone on your social profiles, website etc. You never know who will come across it.

6. Take time outs

Managing work and study can be a thoroughly taxing over the long run. Thus is it important for you to take regular breaks and recharge your batteries. Breaks depend on you completely. Whenever you feel a burnout coming close, wrap up your work and take an off. Go on a vacation. See new places and have great experiences. You can also plan these offs before hand.

7. Networking

As a student who does professional work, you should pay special importance to networking, as this is how you can get all the right opportunities. Make contact with professionals in your field and show them your work. Ask them for advice. Keep going to your industry conferences as a student and meet new people. The power of networking is manifold and can help you greatly with your career.

8. Manage your money well

It is a great feeling to be self sufficient even when your are a student. It shows that you are an independent person who wants to strive for themselves. This is admirable but you also need to inculcate the habit of intelligent spending. Do not splurge your hard earned money just because you have it. Invest and save wisely and it can help you later in life when things get difficult. Life is unpredictable and anything can happen. It is thus wise to save for such an eventuality.