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Shrishti Verma (GB Pant)

There was a huge uproar in the college about summer internships. Almost everyone had one thing or the other up their sleeve. Some were going to intern at companies with their relatives’ references, some had paid a certain amount for the training, some had landed something on their own, and yet others did not disclose the details.

Summer internships reminded me of Switch Idea. I logged in to my account and started looking for engineering based internships, as I'm an electronics and communication engineering student. I could not come to terms with any, so gave it a miss. I looked at the screen, and something caught me. It made me glad (even though my ice-cream was melting and dripping :P ). I have been passionate about writing since a very long time. And there it was! Numerous internships in the content writing domain! I looked up a few, before finally deciding on the VSkills internship for academic content writing. I applied for it on May 21, 2016. I was supposed to create content for the company, in return for certificate after 8 weeks.

I received a mail from Ambika Sharma on May 26, confirming my selection. I jumped and yelled in happiness! I did the requisite- choosing the topic for which I'd be writing the content, and further details required. Ambika is patient; she answers my queries sincerely, timely and with precision. This was followed my coordinator Arushi Bhatia briefing me about the internship.

I was supposed to jot down 25 questions about the chosen topic (Engineering & Electronics and other sub-topics) every week. The assignment was to be in a MCQ format, with 4 options available for each question, and a short explanation for the solution. 25 questions for 8 weeks = 200 questions in all! The math was mind-boggling. I wondered if I’d be able to complete it on time. I contacted Arushi and Ambika again, and they helped me meddle out my way, suggesting valuable inputs. I decided affirmative, and agreed to proceed with the internship.

And here I am. I have submitted 5 assignments so far, each dealing with a different subtopic within electronics. I have learnt to be patient, and deal with the employer in an amiable way. Ambika and Arushi have been appreciable bosses :) As I had to submit my college course related assignments, it has helped me go over my notes and other study material, forsooth refreshing important concepts. I would like to thank Switch Idea for helping me land this internship. The company I am interning with is a genuine one, with good work culture and ethics. I wish I land more such enriching internships via the Switch Idea platform.

- Srishti Verma, G B Pant Gov. College, New Delhi


Heti Jhaveri NM College of Commerce and Economics

I received a call from Mr. Samir Manocha, Manager - Mastermatics within four to five days of my application. He briefed me about the internship and my role. I instantly agreed to take it up as it matched my interests. I started working from 2nd March and I am quite happy with the organisational environment and the flexibility that has been provided to me.

- Heti Jhaveri, Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics


Ankita Chintalgattu

I had a positive internship experience during which I learned about website testing and creating events. I have recommended Switch Idea to many people, and I would recommend others to use Switch Idea as well.

- Ankita ChintalgattuChaitanya Bharati institute of Technology (CBIT)


Vineeth Reddy

From my internship, I learnt many new things about website testing, such as finding errors and bugs. I would check the website meticulously and provide input on how the website could be bettered. I commend Switch Idea’s ability to provide great opportunities to students.

- Vineeth ReddyCVR College of Engineering


Elyas Ahmed

I had the greatest internship experience, throughout which I learnt a lot of new things like bug checking, bug reporting and creating a new website. The internship was very interactive, atypical of any college lecture. I acknowledge Switch Idea’s efforts, others should try Switch Idea too.

- Elyas Ahmed, University College of Engineering, Osmania University


When I was interning, I learned about how new websites are developed. I tested a website to check bugs, give feedback and information to make the website better. I now have an idea about how softwares for web designing and development work. Overall, I am all praises for Switch Idea.

- Hemanth Thoutam, Maturi Venkata Subba Rao Engineering College


Harsha Jakku

I participated in a highly interactive website testing internship in the course of which, the employers offered great support and I understood how it’s like to be in an industrial environment. I learned so much about how websites are designed. I would suggest all the SY and TY to use Switch Idea.

- Sri Harsha Jakku, National Institute of Technology (NIT), Warangal


Sai Goutham

I pursued my first internship and while I was at it, I had a great time too! We worked in a team and came up with solutions to improve a website. The best part was that I got to meet new people. I would exhort others to give Switch Idea a try.

- Sai Goutham, CVR College Of Engineering


Mujtabauddin Furqan

During my web testing internship, I learned to make suggestions about web testing and the ways in which a website can be improved. I also learned about what goes on behind the creation of multiple modules in the backend and the front-end of a  website, and how form a conjunction between both to provide a smooth user experience.

- Mujtabauddin FurqanChaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology (CBIT)


Rishita Reddy

While pursuing my internship, I tested a new cloud based web-platform for errors and inconsistencies. My team leader was very supportive; before we started working, he familiarised us with the tasks we were meant to perform. Most of my friends have registered with Switch Idea and I would recommend it to others too.

- Rishita Reddy, Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology (CBIT)