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Interpersonal communication skills are also known by the names soft skills or people skills. The section explores the dynamics of interpersonal communication, the communication between two people. Questions will be primarily focused on english grammar, vocabulary, sentence correction, antonym and synonyms. Students will be evaluated on usage and application of English grammar rules and communication skills.

Question count - 18

This section measure the student's ability to work flexibly with unfamiliar information to find solutions. Questions in this section are structured on diagrammatic reasoning, inductive and deductive reasoning, numerical reasoning (graphs and tables), verbal reasoning - which evaluate students mental capabilities and behavioural style. Additionally, the questions also identify the student's personality and cognitive for specific internship roles/positions.

Question count - 29

Questions will be structured on day-today current affairs, scientific advancements, Indian culture, literature, sports, relevant historical facts, Government's schemes, events of political or social interests happening in the world at the present time with special emphasis on India.

Question count - 18

Questions in this sections include realistic, hypothetical scenarios and ask the students to identify the most appropriate response or to rank the responses in the order they feel is most effective. Questions will be structured relating to your assumed role in the organisation and will have listed options/answers as most appropriate responses and least appropriate responses.

Question count - 10

Questions of scholastic aptitude based on your present stream of domain you are pursuing. These questions are of medium level and test your ability to be fairly acquainted with the subject. No need to prepare specially. The major domains are: Civil engineering , Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications, BCA, MCA,BSC CS IT,BSC IT, MBA, B.Com .For others who don’t suit these domains, a general aptitude test based on MBA CAT will be administered

Question count - 25

Note: No negative marking in NTAT - This step encourages test takers to make informed guesses and not drop a question for the fear of deduction in marks.

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It's no secret that internships are the most effective way for students to gain work experience before graduation.
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NTAT Verified Badge

NTAT verified badge is an exclusive stamp that appears next to student's name in Switch Idea’s search results (when searched by companies). This badge validates the identity of students who enrolled and successfully completed National Talent Acquisition Test.

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Priority Applications

Our Priority Application module places applications by NTAT certified students at the top of the list seen by the employer. This positioning of applications, based on NTAT marks, not only enhances the profile visibility, but also increases student's chances of getting shortlisted.

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Recommendation letter

We refer and recommend NTAT certified students to competent HR professionals who are on the lookout for new interns. These letters play an important role in the selection process by endorsing hand-picked students to the recruitment managers.

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Program Outcomes (POs)

We facilitate the NBA defined POs (Program Outcomes) for every NTAT certified student. After the completion of internship, the HRs provide a signed copy of POs to interns. This document assures program quality for better employability of graduates. Know more

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Dedicated Support

Providing NTAT certified students with pre-internship and post-internship support is as important to us as our technology and delivery. If you need help, we won't reroute you to an outsourced helpline, but instead we'll have you talk to a full-time Switch Idea employee either by email or by phone.

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NTAT Certificate

NTAT certificate not only validates students' employability skills, but also adds a verified credential which proves their achievements to more than 1500 potential employers (every year). This add-on can be easily added to a CV and to a LinkedIn account to utilize its benefits to the fullest.

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*applicable for students who have taken NTAT before June 2016

We partner with emerging companies and internet enterprises that recruit the best NTAT Certified students looking for an industrial exposure. When you’re weighing your options for an internship, it’s easy to gravitate towards a big-name company. But we do exactly opposite. Here’s why?

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Get Industry Exposure with Verified Internships

Many recruiters look for cheap labor under the disguise of the internship. To prevent exploitation of interns, Switch Idea has a minimum compensation benchmark that every internship opening posted on the portal has to meet. All the verified internship projects posted on Switch Idea offer a guaranteed monthly stipend ranging between 5000 INR – 25,000 INR to interns, along with below fixed deliverables.

A verified internship project refers to an on-site industry opportunity offered to students in collaboration with an ‘authentic’ company which is registered and approved to hire interns on Switch Idea.

Unlike other internship or job portals that allow any company to register and post internship opportunities on their portal, Switch Idea only allows authorized companies to post internship projects. The verification process is strict and completely manual. Our placement team performs strict groundwork to ensure the authenticity of the company as well as the internship project. There are multiple checks, including company's registered address, employer identity validation, Company's Linkedin history, Glassdoor reviews, a VOIP confirmation, etc before approving internship posting.

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Our placement team works closely with HR's to ensure that every NTAT certified student gets paid a fair stipend for their internship projects. Know why?

Aligned with internships programmes at emerging startups, NTAT certification flips the traditional ways of students securing internships with active, individualized support available on any device.

Since its inception in August 2014, NTAT has been conducted across six cities, (Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Nasik and Chennai). Over the time, more than 10,000 students across the nation have successfully been certified by NTAT resulting in highly rewarding internships-leads that aligned with their diverse courses and college backgrounds.


  • AUG 2014


    Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

  • DEC 2014


    Nasik, Maharashtra, India

  • MAR 2015


    Pune, Maharashtra, India

  • SEPT 2015


    Hyderabad, Telangana, India

  • FEB 2016

    NSIT, DU

    New Delhi, India

  • JAN 2017

    IIT B

    Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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