Software Development Intern

Web Designing & Development
10K - 15K
10 April 2015

Internship Description

1. Must have practical experience with design patterns, especially, MVC based frameworks. 2. Should understand object oriented development, and apply OOP concepts to everything they do. 3. Proficiency in database design and in data structures and algorithms. 4. Good understanding of UI/ UX and front-end design frameworks.



About Company

Rockmetric is the next generation user analytics platform to help you track unique user profiles and track their engagement across devices.
Our sophisticated platform provides flexible reporting on engagement trends, user paths and retention levels for user segments across device type and location. Our actionable metrics will help also identify user drop-offs and target them to drive growth in conversion, retention and engagement.
We work with users from sectors like media and publishing, education, insurance, SaaS, financial services and consumer apps. The founder of Rockmetric is an alumnus from the Indian School of Business with significant experience in strategy consulting, data driven research and technology.


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