Web Designer Intern

Web Designing & Development
5K - 10K
28 March 2015

Internship Description

1. A web designer is responsible for creating a site or pages, this includes the design, layout and coding, this can mean working on a brand new website or updating an already existing site. 2. A web designer creates the look, layout and features of a website. 3. The job involves understanding both graphic design and computer programming. 4. Once a website is created, a designer helps with maintenance and additions to the website. 5. They work with development teams or managers for keeping the site up-to-date and prioritizing needs, among other tasks.


1. Turn ideas into elegant web interfaces for e-commerce industry. 2. Work closely with the development team to understand the company's product offerings. 3. Understand the customer mindset and develop innovative designs. 4. Develop mock-ups and prototypes to effectively communicate interaction and design ideas.


Interns will be reimbursed out-of-pocket expenses in addition to the stipend.

About Company

Tailmill is a Noida based start-up trying to re-assemble traditional e-commerce with a granular focus on user experience.
We are trying to:
1. Reshape e-commerce user experience both online and offline (one product category at a time, starting with groceries).
2. Add intelligence to the system. Understand customer behaviour and make analytics actionable in real-time.
3. Build a diversified team for this rebellion.


Awesome opening. Apply now.