Social Media Evangelist intern

Social Sector
5K - 10K
23 July 2015

Internship Description

the interns will be chosen as per 1. Crawling forums, competition, communities etc to locate potential client 2. Communicate with them and increase website hits 3. Online conversation Starters

About Company

SeekSpark is a Healthcare platform that seeks to bring together care seekers and care providers. It leverages the simplest and the most compelling of technologies to provide convenience, economy, privacy and access to care seekers at one end and a larger market to reach out to at NO cost to Care providers. It delves in a very specific area of Healthcare. With the scale and reach envisioned, its a first of its kind. A young start-up at its initial stages, we are looking to recruit graduates and post graduates to start with for a stint of 3 months. Depending on the overall 'matching' mutual needs, opportunities to full time employment with various perks and options shall be made available.


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