Volunteer for PR

Change For OneBangalore
Social Sector
No Salary
05 Aug. 2014

Internship Description

We are looking for volunteer who can lead the Public Relations domain for our Social Organisation.


The candidate will be responsible to: [1] Understand the requirement of his company or client. [2] Write press releases. [3] Organize news conferences. [4] Produce company newsletters. [5] Deal with PR agencies. [6] Deal with media. [7] Deal with management.

About Company

We are a bunch of people like you who are into full time professions but we strongly believe that if change has to happen it has to begin today ,it has to begin now and it has to start from us, from you, from hereon.

Because, we owe some responsibility towards the society we live in.Sitting back and not questioning the atmosphere of conservatism will only yield us a life of misery and cowardice. When the deep rooted dogmas in the society, which once were considered sacrosanct, are today contaminating the society itself, we need to educate ourselves against these to break them and pave way for the new age of living.

We believe we can bring about the much needed change at different levels in the society.


The early bird gets the worm. Apply now!