Marketing Intern

Sales and Marketing
5K - 10K
26 April 2015

Internship Description

1. Intern in this project will meet with the respective school Principal/Directors and present them about the exclusive study tour which will be co-ordinated by Faculty from IIT Delhi and EduExcellence. 2. Intern will have to reach out to the school principals/Directors through various channels (Direct calling, SMS’s, social media, meetings) for which the data will be provided. 3. Also our team will support you to schedule meetings with certain school principals/Directors in your respective location of work. We will provide training before the internship starts.

About Company

EduExcellence is a NGO and a research and training outfit in the k-12 education segment. It was started by a group of IITians in December 2008 with a desire to contribute to the field of education by introducing a new culture of constant learning. Today we have access to education practices being followed in various countries and have touched the lives of more than 3500 School Principals and thousands of teachers. EduExcellence evaluates the best of the practices from all over the world, study their scope of implementation in Indian Scenario and helps in executing them by bringing the right kind of expertise.


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