Sales & Marketing Intern

Buzan Centre PunePune
Sales and Marketing
Not Disclosed
24 May 2015

Internship Description

Accomplishes business development activities by: 1. Researching. 2. Developing marketing opportunities and plans. 3. Implementing sales plans. 4. Managing staff.

About Company

Do look up - “E-Learning” – Packages.
We teach students the essential skills of :
(1) Speed Reading – with comprehension;
(2) Mind Maps – to bring 15 pages of text onto a single sheet Mind Map.
(3) Memory techniques – to recall facts & figures effortlessly.
(4) Revision techniques – based on Brain research.
You would realize that the market potential is HUGE – as all students would like to get that extra mark – to get admission in the course & college of their choice.
These 40 year old, tried & tested techniques would help them get better marks.

If you decide to promote and sell the video-based Cd that we have launched – do connect asap – as we have a few openings for a ‘commission-based’ internship program.


The early bird gets the worm. Apply now!