Market Research/Analytics

Sales and Marketing
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16 July 2014

Internship Description

Job Requirements:- 1. The candidate should have good communication skills. 2. Ensure quality and efficient data are collected for effective business data analysis. 3. Interns can learn more from research experience.


Job Responsibilities:- Part 1 : Role in Educational Trips / School / College Trips:- 1. Design Packages. 2. Find Vendors. 3. Approach Schools. Part 2: Role in New Destinations & Design Packages:- 1. Profile the Various Stays at a Destination & Find Vendors 2. Find Vendors for various Activities at a Destination 3. Malvan 4. Ladakh 5. Search Traffic for destinations 6. Corporate Proposals for Companies

About Company

Founded in 2012, and based at Mumbai, India, our Mission is to help Travellers Explore and Book Unique & Interesting Activities & Trips offered by Experts & Travel Enthusiasts.
These Activities & Trips could include Trekking, Rafting, Home stays, Farm stays, Village Stays, Village Walks, Slum Walks, Cycle Trips, Paragliding, Yoga Retreats etc.
Travel in India has lots to offer, and we don't want the world to know only a part of India, but rather Explore India from different dimensions with the help of these Experts of each destination & each activity. At TripPlatform you can find their offerings and book the experiences through a safe & easy to use platform. We carefully screen and only then choose to list these experts.


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