Sales Intern

Sales and Marketing
5K - 10K
10 July 2015

Internship Description

Tripda is looking for reliable and engaging sales interns to help Tripda gain traction, acquire users, and do on the ground activations and create a strong brand identity. This is a unique opportunity to change the way Indians travel, and work with a venture-backed early-stage startup. 1. Explore various vantage points to identify and pitch to potential Tripda users for a long distance carpooling (inter-city) as well as short distance (intra-city) carpooling, this involves travelling between Mumbai-Pune region. 2. Talk with potential users and collect their preferences to expand Tripda’s user base. 3. Assist potential users with platform use and troubleshooting.

About Company

Tripda’s mission, based on the principles of the sharing economy, is to revolutionize the way Indians travel by connecting regular people making similar trips so everyone benefits: the driver, the passenger, society, and the environment. Tripda allows members to reduce travel costs, meet new friends, and conveniently reach their destination... all in a super simple, cool, and environmentally friendly way! Tripda is a global platform rapidly expanding throughout North America, Latin America and Asia. Founded in 2014, Tripda is backed by Rocket Internet, the world’s largest Internet platform.


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