Campus Ambassador

Jocular Store Pvt. Ltd.Hyderabad
Sales and Marketing
No Salary
17 July 2014

Internship Description

Job Requirements:- 1. People skills. 2. Excellent communication skills. 3. Good presentation and reporting skills. 4. Ability to work in teams. 5. Good understanding of youth markets. 6. Research & Analysis skills. 7. Knowledge of local language. 8. Negotiation skills. 9. Sound communication skills. 10.Good at time management. 11.Past volunteering experience at events (preffered). 12.Good communication skills. 13.Can work under time pressue. 14.Good at working with people.


Job Responsibilities:- 1. Promotion & marketing of the company through social media & networking etc. 2. Generate customized orders from college & schools and place the same. 3. Interact with the sales team for placement of orders 4. To inform JOCULAR about the upcoming events in the campus and lead us to the right contacts. 5. To conduct events sponsored by JOCULAR as a part of advertisement campaign. 6. To publicize JOCULAR in the student community inside the campus and circle. 7. Keep in regular touch with student councils, organizing bodies of events to raise ‘JOCULAR. 8. Brands’ visibility on campus and obtain merchandise t-shirt orders from them.


1. Campus Ambassadors are rewarded with certificates from Jocular Store Pvt. Ltd.
2. Outstanding support to JOCULAR will lead to marketing internships with Jocular
3. Store Pvt. Ltd. In New Delhi, and a chance to work with a team of entrepreneurs.
4. Develop valuable communication and project management skills.
5. Finally (and most importantly), you get to boast that the people of are loving your work.
6. Free t-shirts and other merchandise of

About Company

Jocular is an online brand which renders you the joy of getting customized t-shirts for your school, colleges, corporate, groups, gang, etc. We let you wear, what you are proud of, be it your class mates in school, or college alumni, group of corporate techies or amusing rock band, we love sharing joy with everyone. We are young, funky and jovial, and this it comes across our quality stuff too.


Early to apply, early to get shortlisted! :)