Project (Field Research) Intern

EZ VidyaHyderabad
Sales and Marketing
Not Disclosed
17 Sept. 2015

Internship Description

The selected intern(s) will work on following during the internship: Role Specifics: You will: 1. Coordinate and plan your visit to the EZ Vidya partner schools. 2. Identify what made the principal to chose and partner with this program and remember to fill the collated details in the school profile form. 3. Meet the teachers. 4. Identify the no of exercises the teacher has completed. 5. Make sure if you have received the reporting forms of the completed exercises. 6. Talk to the teacher and understand how they have completed the exercises. 7. Note the details in ways the activities has helped in creating an impact. For Ex: Rally to create awareness on the health benefits of organic food, Petition to install garbage bins in the nearby villages etc. 8. Collect e-waste from the teacher along with the authorization letter. 9. Remember to collect the reporting forms of the completed exercises if not sent to EZV. 10. Fill the school profile with the help from teachers. 11. Build a rapport with the schools.

About Company

EZ Vidya is India's leading education research and innovation organization focused on delivering quality holistic education in Indian schools.
EZ Vidya’s initiatives which are based on a decade of sustained research on education and pedagogy by our internal R&D team have led to a remarkable transformation in the schools. Owing to this, EZ Vidya is acknowledged as a 'Thought Leader' in education by regulatory bodies in the field of education such as CBSE, Departments of Education in several states and our corporate & NGO partners like IBM, AIF, Dell and NOKIA.
1. Impacting over 1000 Private & Government Schools in India and 4 Countries
2. 3,20,000 hours of educational research by our R&D team.
3. Over 6500 teachers trained on 21st Century pedagogy and teaching methodologies.


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