Marketing Intern

HathBerry CorporationDelhi
Sales and Marketing
5K - 10K
09 Oct. 2014

Internship Description

The candidate should fulfill the following requirements:- 1. Excellent communication and verbal skills. 2. Should be confident in handling client. 3. Implementing of marketing skills and knowledge to develop more creative marketing strategies for the company.


The candidate should carry out the following responsibilities:- 1. Assisting the marketing team with ideas, support & implementation to increase the client pool of the company. 2. Assist with fulfillment of marketing offers. 3. Seek and analyze competitor marketing and sales materials both on and offline. 4. Provide support to social media efforts.

About Company

HathBerry Corp. is synonymous with a commitment to deliver and has been able to make a mark for itself within a span of few years. We create relevant, magnetic branding solutions that become the heart of each client’s marketing success.


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