Digital Marketing Intern

Voyagers Travel and Adventure Club Bangalore
Sales and Marketing
5K - 10K
06 July 2014

Internship Description

Job Requirements:- 1. We are looking for self-motivating and proactive candidates, with passion to work in a start-up environment. 2. It does not matter if you have experience or not, but you should be the one with above average IQ and creative to think out of the box. 3. The candidate should know marketing, branding, social media strategy.


Job Responsibilities:- 1. Define and implement social media strategy (Facebook and Meet up) suitable for 50+ segment. 2. Marketing plan through traditional channels. 3. Suggest branding themes. 4. Contribute in designing and implementing marketing campaigns, brochure, plan marketing events/trade-shows. Find ways to engage website visitors and convert into leads

About Company

50+ Voyagers' is a Travel and Adventure Club to enrich the life and experience of 50+ aged men and women through organized travel and outdoor activities.The club has been inspired by travelers who believe 'my travel days are not over' and are willing to expand their horizons beyond well-worn tourist circuits to off the beaten paths.

The club is a membership based organization and ran by young, enthusiastic professionals, tours guides and volunteers who are committed to serve the elderly and seniors to help them in leading an exciting life.

With a 'not-for-profit' mindset the '50+ Voyagers Travel and Adventure Club' aims to improve the physical and psychological health of its members by providing an opportunity to know the environment, heritage and cultures of different places on earth. The active gateways are thoughtfully crafted to blend pinch of adventure in leisure travel - a creative fusion of heritage tour with river rafting or pilgrimage with bird watching.


Applying early increases your chances of getting shortlisted.