Finance and Marketing Intern

Star FingBangalore
Sales and Marketing
Not Disclosed
23 July 2015

Internship Description

At the end of the course, the participants should be able to: 1. Recognize the basics of the commodities and Currency market. 2. Examine the risks and rewards in the Commodities and currency market. 3. Determine the participants in the Commodities market and their respective roles. 4. Appraise the effect of the global market on money stock and money market liquidity.

About Company

At Star Fing (Star Financial Group) we are with a simple aim, we want to teach you how to invest your money and make profits. If you have ever considered… how to be a trader, what to trade, what trading software to use or just how you can learn about the market….look no further. With our trading program we offer a full range of financial training course all based on price action trading so whether you are interested in trading futures markets, Commodities, or day trading the currency markets we can teach you how to trade consistently and profitably. We believe at Training Traders we can offer the very best Training, Coaching and follow up Mentorship available anywhere. Your Training Course is just the beginning of your journey.


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