Marketing Intern

Sales and Marketing
5K - 10K
12 July 2014

Internship Description

Job Requirements:- 1. Self-starter; able to work well without constant direction. 2. Strong oral and written communication skills. 3. Strong organizational skills and attention to detail. 4. Strong computer skills. (MS Office, Excel, Power Point proficiency required) 5. Previous marketing skills strongly preferred. 6. Familiar with Marketing Basics. 7. Creativity and ability to work on own initiative and meet deadlines. 8. Good research and internet skills. 9. Attention to detail. 10. Excellent team player. 11. Commitment to equal opportunities.


Job Responsibilities:- 1. Assist in the execution of outreach efforts to professional learning and development network. 2. Assist with developing marketing strategies for promoting products and services and association image, including a promotional brochure. 3. Assist with branding and social media management. 4. Assist with developing a marketing campaign for various products and services offered. 5. Assist with other tasks as assigned by the Business Head, Hands On!

About Company

ourselves - its about our work and how we go about it.

Everything we do is Fun. That’s one of the purposes of engaging a firm like ours; you want your training project to be fun and experiential. But that’s the easy part.

With so much competition for your participants attention, your training programs have to do more than just be fun and experiential.

It must convey your content. It must tell a story. It must create an image in your participants’ minds. It must provide a reason and the tools to allow your participants to become involved with the intent. And, it must enable you to measure outcomes or track ROI.


Early to apply, early to get shortlisted! :)