Business Development /Sales

Celcion EventsBangalore
Sales and Marketing
5K - 10K
20 July 2014

Internship Description

The candidate should fulfill the following requirements:- 1. Excellent communication skills. 2. Need to convey your idea in the best way possible. 3. Need to have a sense of ownership. 4. Excellent networking and relationship management skills. 5. Report generations. 6. Microsoft Office - 2007/10. 7. Powerpoint Presentations.


Job Responsibilities:- 1. You need to pitch in ideas, explain about us to the clients on phone/email. 2. You need to meet the clients in person and establish tie-ups. 3. You need to negotiate for the best deal from the clients. 4. You need to collect and accurate information from the clients. 5. Manage events organized at the signed up Venues. 6. Documentation for the Marketing campaign. 7. Lead Generation - conventional and non-conventional processes. 8. Promote Celcion and the events.

About Company

A professionally managed company, Celcion organizes parties and events for individuals in need of personal party planners, as well as corporations looking for specialised service providers. We offer customized catering to the various event-based requirements of clients, with exceptional expertise in planning, organizing and conducting a wide range of parties,events and leisure based activities. Apart from that we also host our own parties where fun is an understatement.

Indeed, the host of event management firms in Bangalore does make it all the more challenging for one to establish a firm foothold in the market, however at Celcion our work does the talking, as we bring to the table our expertise in organizing events both within and outside the country.

As a matter of principle, we treat your time, as well as our own with utmost regard, delivering quality service within set deadlines. With our keen organizing capability, we can assure you that not even a fragment of a detail goes haywire. We come with the flair to make fun times all the more memorable and we look forward to having a fruitful association with you - allow us to make good times great.


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