English Teaching Intern

Career CarePune
Not Disclosed
20 Dec. 2015

Internship Description

The selected intern(s) will work on following during the internship: 1. Research on topics related usage of English Language in Business and in general. 2. Brainstorm on various catchy ideas for teaching. 3. Teach. 4. Help prepare course work.

About Company

What do we believe?
Every individual is unique. Everybody around us has their own opinions, thoughts, decisions, food pallets, finger prints and the list is endless. Some are good at painting while others are good at science. Some can sing while some can act. Then why few people without any extraordinary skill become successful while others get stuck or confused?
At Career Care, we believe right decisions at right time matter more than anything even more than formal education. But how can one arrive at the correct decision? If an individual gets sufficient information, rational counselling and necessary training he can succeed.

What do we do?
Vast varieties of individuals walk into Career Care with career-related problems. Our customers range from students to experienced professionals, who are catered through various channels such as Career Counselling, Career Building, Conversation English, IELTS and TOEFL. Each channel is managed by its own head having vast experience in respective fields.
Our main focus is on the enablement of individuals to understand themselves, get trained for “real-world” challenges and apply all the preparation to achieve desired goals. In this process, we help them through our channels.


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