Teaching Intern

AP GuruMumbai
5K - 10K
25 Sept. 2015

Internship Description

The selected intern(s) will work on following during the internship: 1. Teaching students for SAT - Maths or English.

About Company

AP Guru is an "Education based program provider", which strives to provide innovative educational programs with a focus on teaching learning excellence. Our primary mission is to work with leading International Schools in India in an endeavor to promote and execute education programs in India.

AP Guru's offers dedicated practice of professionals and educationalists with on-the-ground experience across multiple industries and projects in education strategy, innovation and implementation. Our breadth of experience and depth of service as program partners to the education industry is unmatched, with the knowledge that spans all levels of secondary education across both public and private sectors.

Our team has developed the relevant expertise in conceptualizing and delivering international programs in India including:
- Implementing standardized test prep programs in the K-12 sector.
- Recruiting students and institutions for collaborative programs.
- Executing market entry and brand strategies for leading foreign education institutes.
- Delivering short course certification programs for students.
- Providing certificate programs for undergraduate and postgraduate students enhancing their understanding of industry-specific theories and practices.
- Developing and delivering teacher training programs and modules.
- Delivering entrepreneurship development programs.


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