Front Desk Manager

Jugaad HostelsDelhi
No Salary
14 March 2016

Internship Description

What’s the Idea?? 1. We are looking for someone who is great with people and is well travelled at least in India. Someone who can talk his way to hell and back and who is a good host. 2. Making sure that people are having a good time at the hostel and in India and doing whatever it takes to achieve this is what this internship is all about. 3. Apply only if…... 1) You can Talk Talk Talk: Ability to Talk and Connect with people to this internship is what Aloo is to Samosa. 2) Have been a hungry traveller: You can read all the guide books in the world, but you cannot explain (convincingly enough) the mind numbing beauty of the Taj at 6:00AM. Unless you have been places… is just not going to work at Jugaad. 3) Good at Multi-Tasking: Telling a French man about how to book a train ticket, meanwhile checking-in a couple from China and at the same time yelling at the housekeeping staff to clean the bathrooms. If you are up to it…...Apply. 4) You are awesome: You will to meet and spend time with people from all over the world and you have to make sure they have a good time in Delhi/India. If you know how to be awesome…..Apply. 5) All of the above are equally important. 4. Key Responsibilities: - Operations: 1) Managing Housekeeping and making sure hostel is clean and hygienic. 2) Managing front desk i.e. Check-ins and Check-outs, Receiving payments etc. 3) Creating, promoting and executing events at the hostel. 4) Managing online reservation platforms and reservations backend. 5) Making sure kitchen is stocked up. 6) Coordinating activities between hostels and travel desks. 7) Anything else that takes to keep guests happy. - Hospitality: 1) Welcoming guests and making them feel comfortable. 2) Helping them manage travel in Delhi and India. 3) Hosting them and showing them around in Delhi. 4) Travel with guests in Delhi and India. 5. Offer: 1) Free stay. 2) Free Gym Membership. 3) Free Food. 4) Travel once a month outside Delhi. 5) Mobile expenses. 6) Discount cards for clubs and pubs etc. 7) Concessional travel arrangements.

About Company

Jugaad Hostels is a chain of travelers’ hostels for travelers by travelers. Jugaad is not just a place to stay, but a place to socialize and connect. To socialize with other travelers, backpackers, vagabonds and connect to the city in your own way. It is a place to share your stories and check-out what others are up to. And most importantly it’s the place to st ay away from the tourist traps and experience Delhi like the locals.


Apply today. This opportunity might not be there tomorrow.