Drama Teacher

Chilsag Media Pvt. Ltd.Delhi
5K - 10K
28 July 2014

Internship Description

The candidate should have the following requirements:- 1. Practical experience teaching acting and performance courses. 2. Experience in directing plays; particularly at the college level. 3. Strong commitment to quality teaching, motivation of students, student success. 4. Broad knowledge of theater, including ability to design curriculum to address a wide range of learning levels. 5. Ability to work collaboratively with diverse population of students and staff. 6. Ability to design alternative learning activities that develop different learning outcomes. 7. Good communication skills. 8. Can work under time pressure. 9. Good at working with people.


Job responsibilities:- 1. The candidate shall be responsible for conducting drama classes for children between age group of 3-12 years. 2. Effectively manage the learning environment to prepare lesson plans, instruct student, evaluate and monitor students performance in order to advance student achievement. 3. Excellent communication skills in English, minimum six months of experience in the same field are mandatory requirements for this job.

About Company

Chilsag International is an Indian theatre organization founded by Sachin Gupta in 2003. In its 9 year history, the Chilsag has produced thirteen original theatre productions, international tours, launched a theatre magazine, established theatre laboratory and through its reputed acting academy, trained hundreds of new actors. Chilsag International also maintains a global network of research centers in key cities around the world that provides inputs on the latest in world theatre.

The company functions through its nine divisions which work independently but consistently towards promoting theatre.


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