Social Volunteering

NGO & Government
No Salary
11 March 2016

Internship Description

Adore India motivates youth to work for the betterment of the society and country Our student volunteers are dedicated and sincere University students who are willing to devote 2-5 hrs every week for this work. In order to create a better tomorrow, it is important that students work with responsibility and become better citizens. The onus is on the younger generation to come forward. The student volunteers are required to work on motivational and educational projects in nearby schools. There is the flexibility of activity, time and location. The work is very meaningful and your efforts help in creating a better society and nation.


Volunteering is open to all students who feel they are responsible towards the society and country. Students having a positive attitude and willingness to contribute some hours for the nation are welcome. Adore India volunteer can work around the year as it requires only a few hours of volunteering per week. So one can work with Adore India along with other normal activities like studying and working.

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