Design Intern

AerX Labs Inc Pvt LtdBangalore
Graphic & Design
15K - 25K
14 Jan. 2016

Internship Description

1. Product Designer: The work would include working along with any of the ongoing product development at the company, which can be a simulator product or avionics or drones. In the past product, designers have worked on Drone design development, Simulator Panels, and products for cyber security. The work requires the designer to come up with the form, color schema and development drawings for prototyping. We are currently looking for product designers for NextGen Flight Deck and Drones related products. 2.Industrial Designer: The work for them would entail in updating and maintain the current production design files with necessary upgrades to make the same easier to manufacture. They would also be involved with new flight simulator developments where the complete assembly, sheet, and milling designs will be made from scratch. One such program in development is for a Boeing Simulator and one for a fighter jet. 3.Graphic Designer: The work currently entails some of the designers touches in the day to day operation related material. But the main focus for them would be work on the user interface for Instructor Stations for Flight Simulators, and Drone related applications. They would also be required to work in conjunction with the product designer to develop the necessary display on the flight deck program.

About Company

AerxLabs Inc is a startup with interests in Design & Development of nextgen UAV and Flight Simulation (Flightrix) technologies. Aerx is aggressively pursuing cutting edge innovations that are at the forefront of technology. Aerx Labs has multiple Patent filings around Safety, Security and Efficiency of UAV systems.


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