Testing/QA Intern

Engineering (Non IT)
5K - 10K
18 Sept. 2015

Internship Description

1. Set up the test environments. 2. Assist system administration and network management team. 3. To read all the documents and understand what needs to be tested. 4. Develop test cases and prioritize testing activities. 5. Testers execute and log the tests, evaluate the results and document problems found.

About Company

We are PRDXN, pronounced "production".
We execute web+mobile customer acquisition and retention solutions for various international Clients - predominantly ad agencies and marketing companies.
We are an organization of highly-talented professionals that are relentlessly proactive in working towards exceeding customer’ expectations. We EACH take personal responsibility in delivering the highest quality, lowest-cost product, always ON TIME.
You’ll be constantly challenged to take the initiative, think like a business owner, and establish forward-thinking/sustainable solutions (rather than identify a problem and wait for the solution to be brought to you).
PRDXN is a meritocracy, where recognition and advancement is based on performance and attitude. It is the ideal work environment for someone who is interested in personal growth as well as professional growth. Working here, you will be held to the highest standards of performance. We deal with each other honestly and non-hierarchically in an atmosphere of mutual respect. We celebrate each other's efforts and strive to create an upbeat and supportive setting in which you can excel.


Early to apply, early to get shortlisted! :)