Associate Writer

Content and Media
Not Disclosed
21 July 2014

Internship Description

You will be paid only for the articles which are published (Published articles reflect on the homepage and the section pages of the website). Only articles that are interesting will be published if not it will only be accepted (Articles will only reflect on your proile page). The first article you write for us will not be payable as our editorial team will personally guide you through it. This will help you to understand our genre/ style of writing post which you are on your own and free to submit as many articles as you want.


Job Responsibilities:- 1. Make sure that your article is a light and entertaining piece people will like to read. 2. One of the most important pointer is, keep your articles ‘Desi’ and relevant to the Indian audience. 3. Follow a storyline rather than picking simple images or simple lists. 4. Write a catchy title to make it sound readable & back that with an equally interesting content. Titles like: 20 Signs that you have lived in Mumbai for too long. 12 Things only Indians do to save money. 9 Things only drunk Indian men say


1. You get paid for every article we publish on our website.

2. There are no deadlines or a minimum article requirement. You work as per your convenience.

About Company

ThatScoop is an online entertainment channel packed with some of the most interesting viral content on the internet. Some created and curated by us and some created by you. Yes, you! And it's pretty damn simple.

if you think you can write something interesting and entertaining for the masses or found a video worth watching on Youtube, let us know. If we find it as interesting as you did, we'll share it with the world and make it go viral.


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