Content Managers

Content and Media
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17 July 2014

Internship Description

Viaslide is an early stage start-up for visual blogging and sharing user generated content through the website and other social media platforms. We are looking for bright and confident people who are creative if not artistic, smart enough to come up with amusing ideas, and hard working (we mean that!) so that we can develop intriguing internet content as part of our engagement campaign targeted at initial users. Job Requirements:- 1. Finding and developing new ideas for web content. 2. Past experience of writing content. 3. Finding and developing new ideas for web content.


As is the case with most start-ups, there are lot many works where you can get involved like business development, social media marketing, managing blog threads, managing competitions and so on. So join us, start working and we hope you bring along lots of enthusiasm and fun to our workplace.

About Company

Via slide is a creative blogging platform where users can create beautiful slideshow, and could be followed liked and commented by users from the website and could be further socially shared with friends and colleagues over the internet through social networking platforms. The concept is about bringing together the beautiful content over internet in form of engaging visual blogs with emphasis on having user generated photographic contents.


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