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13 Dec. 2014

Internship Description

Everyone wants to read stories that they relate to, celebrate and share with others. The Content Direction Program is a learning and work program that will help you understand the process of creating, developing and enabling good content - whether it's through writing, photography, art, audio or video. The idea is for you to understand how to communicate your stories and tell them exceptionally. So, if you think you want to be a part of this program and gain an enriching experience, read on: Why is it called 'Content Direction'? Because that's exactly what the program will help you learn - directing and influencing quality content to create a content culture on the platform, for the community you belong to. There are various ways to do it - through text, audio, video, pictures as well as art. Thus, Content Direction will also help you understand the best medium through which you can tell your stories to the world. How is the program designed? The program is divided in 4 batches - Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. If you clear the first round of evaluation, you'll receive a set of Tasks, 4 days after the application period ends. You'll have 7 Days to finish these tasks and submit them for the Second Round of Evaluation.. What is the time period of this program? 8 weeks (2 months.)


1. Create and produce content. 2. Experiment endlessly and come up with newer ways of producing and enabling high quality, useful and engaging content.


1. The Content Direction Program is a paid program. We believe students are powerful storytellers and should be incentivised for the work and effort they put in.
2. A work experience certificate will be issued at the end of the program.
3. If you put your head into the program and perform well, you can win many bonuses, vouchers and whatnots while you're at it!
4. You get to ready yourself for the career you are trying to build and take up in a few years or months.
5. You might be looking to become a blogger, writer, visual artist, professional photographer/filmmaker or just ramping up your communication skills which every one in the professional world craves for.This is your chance to evaluate and prepare yourself and get as close as possible.
6. A chance to get a full time offer at Campus Diaries, too!
7. You actually get to learn something new while working with other brilliant young minds.

About Company

Campus Diaries ( is a platform to connect people from different communities – a social network around stories. One of the first stories based community and social network originating from India.


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