Campus Ambassador

College Ambassador
Not Disclosed
31 Oct. 2014

Internship Description

The candidate should fulfill the following requirements:- 1. We are looking for campus ambassadors in each college to market our International Internships. 2. Excellent Communication, Quick mover, Strong personality appreciated, convincing Skill is a must. 3. Strong communication skills. 4. Applicants should have strong writing skills, as well as a solid understanding of social media. 5. Only interns proficient with Microsoft Excel and other Microsoft Office applications should apply. 6. Convincing Skills.


The candidate should carry out the following responsibilities:- 1. Assist in the creation of Campaigns, e-mail campaigns, on line promotion. Assist with fulfillment of marketing offers Provide support to social media efforts and Making Sure that Students from your Respective College are going for this International Internship. 2. Monitor all forms of media. 3. Schedule and coordinate speaking engagements, appearances, photo shoots, and other special events. 4. Promotion of AIESEC internship in colleges. 5. Promotion of AIESEC Internship in friend circle and Family.

About Company

AIESEC in Pune is the Pune Chapter of the largest global youth network impacting the world through leadership development experiences. AIESEC has been facilitating youth leadership activities as well as international internships and volunteer experiences for over 65 years, developing a global learning environment across 124 countries and territories.

Through our Global Talent Sourcing Program, we provide businesses a tailored and reliable employer solution to increase their competitiveness. With AIESEC, companies gain access to top talent from every major economy and emerging market, while strengthening their brand as an employer with a global mindset and contributes to the youth development of communities worldwide.

AIESEC has facilitated 30,000 internships worldwide in 2013 for MNCs, start-ups and NGOs alike. We are unique because our organization is run by the young, who you will ultimately look to recruit. This makes AIESEC the premier platform to interact with the best talent in 2,100 plus campuses that we operate out of, worldwide. We can help you tremendously if you’re looking to expand to new markets or are having trouble finding specific skills in India’s domestic talent.


Apply now, before this opening flies away.