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05 Aug. 2014

Internship Description

The Cogxio Campus Ambassador Program recognizes enthusiastic, hard-working and motivated individuals by giving them the opportunity to represent Cogxio on their campus. Cogxio Ambassadors have some structure and a lot of freedom to figure out the best ways for Cogxio to get involved at their universities. Ultimately, they become a strategic link between their college / university (their network) and Cogxio. If chosen to be a Cogxio Campus Ambassador, what do I need to do? Serve as a strategic link between the campus and Cogxio. Volunteer at a variety of campus events throughout the year to enhance campus spirit. Help manage and ensure the success of Cogxio events on campus, by being our primary point of contact. Identify events on your campus in which it is beneficial for Cogxio to participate. Evaluate proposals from respective universities to associate with Cogxio. Maintain open and regular communication with student councils to maintain Cogxio's visibility on campus. Campus Ambassadors are meant to bring a change in the community with their unique skills. Assist in the process of selection of Campus Ambassador for the next academic year. What's in it for me? Develop valuable leadership, communication and project management skills. Start to grow your professional network. See your creativity, innovation and BIG ideas come to fruition on campus. Be an integral part of campus spirit, learning and information-sharing. You will be featured on our website as a team member. Cogxio t-shirt, diaries and more goodies will be given to you. Your credentials will be certified at the end of the year. Your personality will grow and you may be given a chance to join Cogxio in future. What about prerequisites? Should be a college / university student (first to final year). Should have strong interpersonal skills. High involvement in campus life (extracurricular activities, student organizations). Passion for learning, creativity, innovation and information-sharing. One - year commitment.



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Cogxio is the new definition of online social connections, interactions and relationships!
We at Cogxio think your online social life isn't just about getting connected over the internet and be just virtual friends. We believe in real relationships. We believe that there should be no boundaries to your social life! (Former dateIITians.com)


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