Business Analyst

Touchpoint Data Sciences Pvt. Ltd.Bangalore
Business Development
5K - 10K
29 Jan. 2015

Internship Description

The candidate should fulfill the following requirements:- 1. The Analyst will support strategies aimed to increase customer engagement and customer acquisition for the product. 2. The analyst role will be to review and analyze trend data collected in the mobile product and provide timely & accurate analysis of the information to identify trends, report key metrics monthly, and communicate results and information as applicable to the department. 3. The analyst is expected to act as an administrator of one internal configuration tool as well as the custodian of customer rewards.


The candidate should carry out the following responsibilities:- 1. Acquisition: The analyst will design and support all campaigns that will enable the company to acquire new customers. This requires design, monitor and control of campaigns across digital properties, digital media as well as offline channels. 2. Engagement: Constantly focus on increasing consumer engagement with well-designed and measurable campaigns across email, SMS, social media and other existing digital properties. Manage the rewards efficiently to increase engagement and redemptions. 3. Product Support: Support the new releases of product through business evaluation of new features, requirement analysis, testing etc. 4. Customer Experience: Own the customer experience through routine reporting, daily monitoring of consumer behavior, track and report metrics on constantly bettering customer experience. 5. Channel Optimization Analysis: Drive campaigns and consumer engagement based on the best channel available. 6. Reporting: Complete daily, weekly, monthly metrics reports of incident rates in key performance categories for company leadership. Also do a multitude of adhoc reporting. 7. Others: Assist in the development and delivery of training for users of the back-end system. Generate routine and special request performance reports to management.


What you will learn in this internship:-
1. Analytics.
2. Data Science.
3. Reporting.
4. How start ups grow.
5. Business analysis.

About Company

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