Business Development Internship

Business Development
5K - 10K
12 March 2015

Internship Description

1. Project management within your college. 2. To develop a supply chain and distribution plan for magazine within your college and your community. 3. Assist in the distribution and delivery of marketing materials. 4. Team Building. 5. Promotion of events and projects within your college. 6. Assisting in organising events within and outside college. 7. Establishing partnerships with relevant organizations or start ups.

About Company

Campus Diaries was founded in 2012 and is India's biggest social publishing content platform directed at schools and university target segment. The platform now has more than 15,000 users and 2.5 lakh page views. The magazine is clocking circulation more than 15,000 in print and digital. It is also the fastest growing content platform in the country.
The objective of the company is to take content to the next level by providing context to the content and then taking it to reward platforms such as the magazine. We are also building open spaces which result in building impactful communities. Campus Diaries is content and publishing based social network, Campus Diaries is being built as the biggest storytelling and community based publishing projects in India. We are building to evolve and change blogging, storytelling, publishing and communities.
The magazine is a unique model where crowd sourced content, after curation by the community and our in- house team (using real time user feedback and qualitative analysis) is being taken to a mainstream media platform (the magazine). Hence the magazine is a community based publishing product, the collection of the top stories from an online platform and a reward and discovery platform for brilliant yet undiscovered storytelling (writing, photography, art) talent.


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