Web Development Intern

29 May 2016

Internship Description

We are seeking to offer great opportunity and exposure to a highly talented and motivated person interested in building web applications. The individual will be working towards building new applications as well as enhancing/improving existing systems. Who can apply: 1.Anyone passionate of developing Websites and has some Sample of work to share with us. 2.Education no bar.

About Company

Ecozen Solutions is an energy-focused company that provides renewable energy based products. It was started in Sep ’09 with a motive to create awareness against poor energy management practices, to drive sustainability in the burgeoning Indian market, and elevate the Indian industry to the standards and expectations of a developed nation in the new era.
Motivated towards providing a sustainable present and a green future, Ecozen Solutions offers products to cater to agriculture focused markets.
Our primary USP is our innovative and a fresh approach to real life problems and solving them with the philosophy of lean solutions. Our team consists of extremely motivated and energetic individuals who walk hand in hand with company's principles and vision. We are extremely good at engineering our solutions according to the demand. These underlying traits of our model make us conventionally unconventional.


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