Web Developer

17 Oct. 2014

Internship Description

The candidate should fulfill the following requirements:- 1. Solid understanding of HTML, CSS web standards, and the evolving HTML5 APIs. 2. Experience designing and developing automated/analytic software, techniques, and algorithms. 3. Familiarity with debugging tools such as Firebug / Chrome DevTools. 4. Experience working with common JavaScript frameworks such as Dojo, JQuery, MooTools.


The candidate should carry out the following responsibilities:- 1. Ability to design and implement rich client-side JavaScript applications, applying structural design patterns such as MVP/MVC. 2. Create Web applications front and back end as per the requirement. 3. Optimization of websites as per the latest methodologies of SEO and SEM. 4. Understanding and changing of PHP and Core PHP for backend coding.

About Company

JeevAnksh.com is a one-stop destination for all organic and eco-friendly needs. In our store, one can purchase imported and export quality certified products of major brands of the world. We also have tie-ups with NGOs/farmer communities/manufacturers to supply us products produced locally. We thereby practice fair trade, to help the farmers live a sustainable life and get the true value of their produce. We take utmost care to check and maintain the quality of the products available in our store. The name "JeevAnksh" is an amalgamation of the Hindi words "JEEVAN Ka anSH", which means "Ingredients of Life". The name is an identity to our philosophy of organic lifestyle and the spirit that life itself has to offer. True to our name, our ideology to market organic and eco-friendly products around the world is closely related to how Nature would have made it, organically and sustainably. We want to connect with our customers and offer them the best products and services which will help them to have a healthy and an eco-friendly lifestyle. Driven by this passion to do good for Mother Nature, we try to keep our carbon footprints as low as possible, by procuring locally and/or supplying directly from source. JeevAnksh.com is the online brand of Jeev Anksh Eco Products Pvt. Ltd., a social venture started by bunch of crazy IIM Indore alumni, who believe that it is better to work for a cause than to just make money.


Applying early increases your chances of getting shortlisted.