Web Development Intern

01 July 2016

Internship Description

The selected intern(s) will work on following during the internship: 1.Handle front-end and back-end website development # of Internships available: 5 Who can apply: 1.Any graduate or post graduate with good communication skills. 2.Only students from Noida or Delhi can apply for this internship.

About Company

MerExams is an online portal which strives to deliver education consultancy with consummate ease and consequently makes the student’s life easier during the admission procedure. During the ‘Frictional Economy’, where products and services address points of friction in an existing setup, MerExams identifies and addresses the same. How we plan to achieve it is by a personalised virtual assistance platform at the front-end and an educational marketplace at the back-end. In the existing Information-centric system, the student has to dig through various types of data to get the right information. Our aim is to disrupt this system and bring forth a student-centric system where a tailor-made profile relevant to each student’s specific requirements is created, thus providing him/her access to the right information directly.


Apply today. This opportunity might not be there tomorrow.