Social Sector

Social Sector
5K - 10K
05 Aug. 2014

Internship Description

Interns required to undertake fund raising activities for the organization such as approaching corporate houses for Corporate Social Responsibility and individual persons for donations. Requirements : Proficiency with MS Word, fluent with English, Good presentation and networking skills.


The candidate will be responsible for: [1] Developing strategies and setting goals to hit fundraising targets. [2] Finding people or organizations to donate money. [3] Writing proposals that could attract money, including applications for grants. [4] Preparing and giving presentations. [5] Liaising with the fundraising team.

About Company

Advitya is an organization that seeks to provide vocational training to differently-abled individuals with a view to keep them occupied through creative work. These are students above the age of 18 who are unable to continue in other special schools due to their need for individual attention, age or behavioural problems.

The students work to add value to a range of gift products from office stationery, upholstery, bags, utility and lifestyle items to season specials like rakhis and diyas. It is rather amazing to see how these students can concentrate for hours on end to complete each piece.

The final product is impeccable and of unmatched quality.It’s not just work that keeps the students at Advitya occupied; dancing, singing and yoga sessions are the time that students look forward to as it gives them the space to do what they enjoy doing.


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