Social Media Marketing Internship

Location(s): Mumbai
Applications Start Date: 19 Sept. 2017
Stipend: 5K - 10K
Duration: None day
Last Date To Apply: 02 Oct. 2017
Mode of Interview: Not selected
Available Slots: 1

Intern Responsibilities

At Nordic Kandie Magic Pvt. Ltd (Mumbai), Interns are expected to be professionally well-versed with basic ethics, which includes arriving on time (as specified by the company), notifying the team leader of any deviations from the established schedule, and dressing to the standards of the organization and the work being performed. Respect the organization’s reporting structure and follow the policies and procedures of the organization.

During the internship tenure, intern will be be working on following verticals (ingroup or individually)

1. Managing company's social media handle

2. Social media ads

3. Social media engagement on day to day


About Company

Nordic Kandie was set up in Europe and India in the true European traditions of authentic marzipan making.
The company is headed by the couple Thomas Abraham & Thea Tammeleht a sixth generation marzepan maker, whose family hails from the hanseatic town of Reval, in Scandinavia where marzipan is known to have been invented, back in the 15th century.
Back in those days over 200 towns across Europe were controlled by the German Hanse and thus the name Hanseatic. This also ensured that this royal delicacy soon found its way to other royal homes across Europe through these towns.
Legend has it that a member of the royal family was unwell and called for the pharmacist. The head of the pharmacy Johann, was also unwell and the task was passed on to his young apprentice Mart. In ancient Europe in order to avoid poisoning, it was required that the pharmacist consume the medicine in front of his royal patient before administering it. So Mart the apprentice who had to consume the tasteless medicine, decided to make it tasty by adding almonds and sugar. This tasty medicine cured Mart’s royal patient, who decided to call the delicacy Mart’s bread or Mardileib (Estonian). In Latin bread is known as ‘Pane’ while in French it is ‘le pain’ and thus this royal delicacy began to be known as Mart’s pane and over the centuries as marzipan in English.


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