Digital Marketing Intern

Bringle AcademyMumbai
Social Media Marketing
5K - 10K
25 March 2017

Internship Description

The candidate must fulfill the following: 1. Techno-Savy. 2. Creative & Hardworking. 3. Strong desire for performance driven compensation and growing earnings potential. 4. A self-motivated, highly driven and dynamic personality. 5. Desire to work from an office in your community.


1. Making Strategies for promotion and executing the same. 2. Following up of Strategy. 3. Ability to think critically and use sound judgment when serving clients.

About Company

Sudhaansh Enterprise is looking for Interns, Full Time & Part Time professionals in various categories like Sales, Marketing, Finance, Technology, Operations, Human Resource, Branding, Public Relations, Website Maintainence, Content Management, Customer Service Executives globally in Industries like Finance and Investment, Health and Wellness, Real Estate, Technology and Innovations, Internet Of Things (IOT), Education and Career, Travel and Shopping.


Apply today. This opportunity might not be there tomorrow.