Social Media Marketing Intern

Social Media Marketing
5K - 10K
30 June 2017
05 June 2017

Internship Description

Minimum Requirements for the candidates applying to Social Media Manager Internship at Blubyn:


Internship Start Date: Between 05th'17 June and 30th June'17.

Project Availability: 2 months (preferred, not mandatory)

Preferred Degree(s): BBA/BBM/BBS, B.Lit, MBA.

Degree Year: Currently in any year of study or recent graduates                                                  

#Available Internship Slots: 1


At Blubyn (Mumbai), Interns are expected to be professionally well-versed with basic ethics, which includes arriving on time (as specified by the company), notifying the team leader of any deviations from the established schedule, and dressing to the standards of the organization and the work being performed. Respect the organization’s reporting structure and follow the policies and procedures of the organization.

During the internship tenure, intern will be be working on following verticals (ingroup or individually)

1. Grow and improve our social footprint via engaging posts with various social media accounts.

2.  Build and manage communities of selected user groups.

3.  Manage our content calendar and execute on our content strategy.

4.  Write and edit content for social posts and programs.

5.  Drive and optimize social engagement.

6.  Recommend and employ real-time marketing tactics as applicable.

7.  Ensure on-time and high-quality delivery of our social outputs.

8.  Gather insights through social listening, bringing intelligence back in business.

9.  Interview and gain insights about customer needs.

10.  Write blogs and other long form articles to drive traffic to our website and increase engagement using online tools.

11.  Address any queries that come through social media. 

About Company

At Blubyn ( pronounced Blue - Bin), we are a young and passionate team working towards simplifying the process of planning and booking a vacation, so that a user gets to enjoy the vacation without the hassles of planning and organizing it.
Our pitch to our employees is the same as our pitch to investors - if you are passionate about travel, and want a better way to plan the travel, to make it more personal and engaging, well, come let's build it together. Our only guideline - build something that you see yourself using in the future. Something that you cant do without. (of course, related to travel)
Our mission is to create a next generation of a full stack AI powered travel buddy who helps out a users at all times during a travel. We want to make our users' life easier using the technology to help them plan their travel better and leave out all the stress - to have fun while travelling.
The founders left a well paying job to build something fresh and differentiated with a huge market potential and a power to disrupt the existing travel market. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are the way forward and this is just the right time to unleash them on travel industry. Here is your opportunity to work on solving some of the most challenging problems in travel industry and in the process, build something that adds lasting value to the ecosystem.


Apply now, before this opening flies away.