Social Media Marketing Intern

Location(s): Bangalore
Applications Start Date:
Stipend: 5K - 10K
Duration: None day Non-Negotiable
Last Date To Apply: 09 Sept. 2016
Mode of Interview: Not selected
Available Positions: 1

Intern Responsibilities

We are looking for social media marketing intern who is passionate & self-motivated. We are launching our new mobile app for live video calling & live streaming. Your role will primarily be to plan, strategise & execute social media marketing across various social media channels & also working along with social media influencers. 

About Company

Hotify is an Artificially Intelligent Personal Assistant, that recommends micro personalized & contextually relevant information to its “Users” and also aim to be the leading information distribution platform for “Publishers” in all key internet markets globally.
Founded by IITB & IIMA alumni.

Hotify is also working on computer vision technologies & will be soon launching live video call & live streaming mobile app.

With a holistic approach towards AI and Recommender Systems (RS) – Hotify is using multi-layer neural nets extensively in all key areas – Content Processing / Semantics, Summary & Curation, User Traits & Personality Biases, Behavior & Context and much more. With all of these happening in “Real-time”.

In Parallel, Hotify is developing its own Unsupervised Neural Network for Context based RS and optimising it for Serendipity. A Deep Learning NLP for curation is also being trained. By mid-2017, Hotify looks to patent a few of its key algorithms.

Hotify’s strategy is to invest on Technology & Product build-out, with no editors, to scale up rapidly & efficiently in the back-end.

Globally, with the right technology and computational ability increasingly getting in place, IPAs (Intelligent Personal Assistant) are becoming reality. We are witnessing great activity going on with products like Viv (by creator of Siri), Siri (Apple), Cortana (Microsoft), Echo (Amazon), Google Now, M (Facebook), Amy, Cubic etc. out for supervised testing/training by users.

Hotify wants to invest all its focus, energy, and resources into building an exceptional technology and a product that users would love to use. It also has a team which is highly inclined towards tech more than content which shall ensure rapid backend development. The Team is filled with people who have extensive startup as well creative experience


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