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Sales & Marketing Intern

29 Nov. 2015

Internship Description

1. We are looking for highly motivated, creative and self starting interns who are able to work well in teams and independently. Interns will be involved in many aspects of the business building process. 2. Company is looking for a qualified intern to join our marketing/advertising team. This intern should be prepared to work in a fast-paced team environment, and will finish the internship having gained broad experience in various aspects of marketing. 3. Ideal candidates will have a natural curiosity, ability to take on responsibility, strong communication skills 4. Lastly, this internship will have lot's of opportunities to travel around the Pune Area and meet many famous international and national Companies, so a passion for Sales & Marketing/Advertisement and travel is an added plus! Also, if the intern shows his/her best performance he/she will get a pre-placement offer. 5. This is an Unpaid internship, interns will get only travel allowance.


Responsibilities:- 1. Help with collection and synthesis of quantitative and qualitative data from marketing campaigns. 2. Cold Calling. (B2B) Ability to communicate effectively and concisely on the phone. 3. Selling the product to the client. (B2B) 4. Field Work. 5. Assist with managing a (CRM) Customer Relationship Management System. 6. Database collection and promotion. 7. Marketing of Product to client. 8. B2B inside sales / telesales experience selling a product, service or an appointment including cold calling potential prospects.

About Company

Continuity 1 was founded with a vision of being the best IT company transforming the industries using cloud computing, big data and machine learning technologies.
Today, our serviced clients are from the aviation, advertising, real-estate, sports, e-commerce, travel, philanthropy, defence, finance, health, social welfare and energy industries. Our methodology, which leverages cloud computing, data and machine learning results in a much more efficient use of client's investments.


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