Marketing Intern

01 Aug. 2014

Internship Description

The candidate should fulfill the following requirements: - 1. Passionate about marketing and selling. 2. Excellent in communicating ideas into tangible benefits. 3. Proficient in English and have excellent soft skills.


The candidate should fulfill the following responsibilities: - 1. Design and implement marketing campaigns. 2. Build partnerships with enterprises. 3. Work with product team and enterprises to build customized features. 4. Design marketing collaterals.

About Company

We are the leading IT professionals, providing our vast services in the sector. We provide you the finest way to present your brand through the web medium. We provide total IT solution to the different types of businesses. The comprehensive list of tasks performed in our company includes Web development, Web designing, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Software Development etc. We intend to serve the best of our skills to your business, blending it with the latest technology advancement in the field. Our excellent services in IT sector are the result of collaborative effort of all different departments in our company.


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