Business Development (Sales) Intern

Global Super Elite - GSEPune
Sales and Marketing
10K - 15K
10 March 2017

Internship Description

1. Making sales calls 2. Preparing client proposals, presentations 3. Plan weekly sales cycle and schedule client meeting accordingly 4. Generate ideas for clients based on the brand requirement 5. Market Information 6. Preparing client and market mapping reports for his area / industry 7. Reports on client spends at a brand level 8. Follow up and ensure that monies are collected on time including sending appropriate reminders to clients and agencies for payment 9. Conducting competition tracking and monitoring on a daily basis 10. Preparing sales and sales related reports including daily call reports, weekly reports, sales projection report, monthly sales plan etc 11. Plan and budget revenue generation for the week and month 12. Ensure that ROs and TOs are appropriately generated and the spots are scheduled accordingly (through the sales coordinator and scheduler 12.Contribute to sales strategy and generate ideas for revenue maximization 13. Develop and sell specials and events 14. Maintain strong relationships with clients and agencies in the persons portfolio


1. Strong networking opportunity in your domain
2. Certificate
3. Letter of recommendation
4. Pre placement offer (PPO).

About Company

Global Super Elite has launched Global Super Elite Communication, a cell-phone network to provide access of genius.
Slogans to define company :
"Cell phone network is less expensive, but your time and knowledge is not"
"Turning Cell Phone calls into Profit"


Apply today. This opportunity might not be there tomorrow.