Marketing Intern

18 June 2015

Internship Description

1. Speaking with clients about effective marketing strategies. 2. Develop and execute innovative promotional inputs. 3. Prepare creative/media plan briefs for the brand. 4. Prepare brand Market Research (MR) briefs for Usage & attitude studies/Brand Track and other tools. 5. Develop contacts with individuals and organizations, and apply effective strategies and techniques to ensure their clients' success. 6. Arrange meetings concerning issues involving their clients. 7. Confer with clients to develop strategies for their brands, and to explain actions taken on their behalf. 8. Schedule promotional or performance engagements for clients.


1. Pre Placement Offer (PPO) will be offered for the best intern.
2. Certificate of Achievement will be issued to all the students who interns with 3HD Media.

About Company

3HD Media is a rich digital media agency offering an endless list of digital services all aimed at engaging the customer on one single touch point that the customer never fails to carry along and that is their mobile phone. Entertainment giants are re-editing shows and creating new content for small screen, these are the BIG BUCKS in selling Television on the go…
3HD Media has absorbed the best technological brains in the country and bought them under one roof so that both advertisers and brand could benefit from the latest digital media technologies.Our team possesses extensive intellectual technologies across the entire digital services like Mobile Video Streaming, Location Based Advertising (LBA)/ Marketing(LBM) Bluetooth Advertising, Internet Advertising, Video SMS , Video Emails, WiFi Advertising, Product Launches and Social Media.

We are also the pioneers and the only organization owning the software for Mobile Video Streaming for transmitting TV on Mobile and that too on a 2G network delivering 18 frames per second(as good as normal television) using just 60 kbps of bandwidth.

3HD Media integrates all the various digital touch points of a customer on a single platform and uses the latest analytic tools to create an unmatchable ROI for the product. The company envisions being the definitive market leader on the Digital Media landscape of India. So now come give us a chance to serve you so that we could create a win-win situation on the most promising medium for the two of us.


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