Sales Associate Intern

02 Sept. 2015

Internship Description

As a Sales Intern, you will be responsible for telling the world about us and our exam packages 1.Primary task is to sell our upcoming products ONLINE IBPS MOCK Full EXAM Package (Rs 250) and ONLINE IBPS MOCK Prelims/Mains EXAM Package (Rs 150) to interested students/job aspirants. 2. Making sales pitch for our ONLINE IBPS Mock exams package to the targeted students in your network /colleges / area. 3.Identifying various career coaching institutes(who do not have their in house online exam packages) in your locality and making sales pitch to enroll their students to our exam package.

About Company

We help in transforming our students’ dreams to reality by providing quality educational services.
Our team of highly experienced and well qualified professionals have designed and developed study methodologies for the students which will guide them to leverage their strength and focus on their key areas of improvement.
We believe in the funda “Practice makes man perfect”. Any amount of preparations will not be suffice until students set a well defined strategy and get acquainted with the structure and pattern of the examination which they intend to take. Recently our team has come up with an online practice test series for bank exams in similar line with the actual examination.This will equip our students to face the heat of all major competitive examinations. Our team has developed a huge database having 20,000 MCQs covering all relevant subjects and topics.


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