Marketing Campaign Intern

Shaurya Software Pvt. Ltd.Delhi
Sales and Marketing
5K - 10K
17 Feb. 2016

Internship Description

We are starting a marketing campaign for schools in Dwarka and require creative and confident people who can be a great addition to our team. Opportunities: 1. Learn Adobe Designing Suite. 2. Video making and photography. 3. Presentation skills. 4. Wordpress. An incentive of Rs. 5000 will be awarded for every school we add during this campaign.

About Company

?Shaurya Software Pvt. Ltd. has been in business for more than two decades now and we are a technology company solely dedicated to the pursuit of bringing an ERP system to schools which is second to none. Cloud9 is a School ERP and administrative software which is helping more than 100 schools to run systematically and ease the stress behind their working.


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