Marketing Intern

Category: Sales and Marketing
Predetermined date:
Compensation: 5K - 10K
Apply to this Opening before: 27 July 2014
Mode of Interview: Not selected
Available Slots: 1

Intern Responsibilities

The candidate should fulfill the following job responsibilities:- 1. Trade, Institutional Customers Coverage, Geographical Expansion. 2. Create and Develop the trade, Institutional market for the company’s range of Product. 3. Achievement of Sales Targets. 4. Keeping track of Institutional Tenders. 5. Follow-up and collection of Payments, Earnest Money Deposits and other payments. 6. Looking After Customers’ Needs / Requirement and Complaints.

Additional Instructions To Applicants

About Company

In the business of preserving human life of critically unwell, through technology and innovation.
Continuous progress via creativity, dreams and imagination never being satisfied.
To work hard and enjoy it.
To have best productivity of employee compared to others in the similar business activity.Opportunity for all to achieve, based on the merit not on gender, religion, caste or creed.


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