Sales and Marketing Intern

15K - 25K
02 April 2015

Internship Description

1. Every intern works directly with the founders of the company and the core team. 2. They will be a part of each decision making right from a small client to a multinational client. 3. A complete 1st hand market experience of the corporate world dealing with multinational clients. How things work in real enterprise market. 4. Core member of the marketing team with one of the Co-founders of the company under interns disposal for design and other help. Blog formulation, conceptualizing. Marketing material iterations along with client meeting.

About Company

Cubito is an early stage, funded, mobility enabler startup. We infuse intelligence in the logistics involved in business processes to monitor and optimize the use of their assets. A plethora of industries are leveraging technology to scale up their business model with a focus on cost reduction whilst harboring safety and transparency. Cubito is penetrating and aggregating this multi-billion dollar market.


Early to apply, early to get shortlisted! :)