Marketing Intern

5K - 10K
06 Dec. 2015

Internship Description

A desirable candidate must have: 1. Good communication and negotiation skills 2. Enthusiastic, driven, good commercial acumen and on the fly decision making abilities 3. Preferably someone who has a vehicle and can drive


Responsibilities: 1. Conceptualize and execute BTL activities that lead to brand awareness. 2. Understand our target group and device methods to reach out to them effectively. 3. Track, measure and report efficacy of campaigns. 4. Identify and suggest new channels of brand communication and visibility. 5. Be open to execute quirky out of the box ideas the team might want to implement.

About Company

Cookaroo is a young food startup that delivers fun, exciting, tasty meals to your doorstep! We’re a small family who work very hard to ensure that only the best quality food reaches our customers, but this doesn’t mean we compromise on having fun while working!
Currently, we serve only Koramangala and CBD, and are looking to expand our reach to other areas in Bangalore. This is where you super cool Ninja Interns come into play! We promise you lots of fun, lots of laughter and most importantly, a hell of a lot of learning!


Apply now, before this opening flies away.