Data Analyst

Shirsa LabsMumbai
Research & Development
5K - 10K
14 March 2015

Internship Description

1. Analyse existing data on 5 Cognitive Skills and 4 Content Areas of children in 5-15 years age group. 2. Discover insights based on statistical analysis. 3. Recommend next action steps for research. 4. Shirsa Labs has a goldmine of information captured through its online educational games. 5. This role will provide exposure to the latest findings of learning and cognitive skill development.

About Company

Shirsa is India's first content independent online platform providing personalised cognitive skill assessment and training program for children. These cognitive skills have a direct impact on children’s learning abilities in classroom as well as day-to-day activities.
We aim to complement the existing education system and provide an extended support to teachers and parents in nurturing young minds to be future-ready. We are committed to ensuring a meaningful cognitive journey for each child.


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